Home ownership through Habitat for Humanity has provided me with the foundation my children and I needed for a brighter future. Through the process of working on your home you gain knowledge of money management, volunteer work and to set and achieve goals you never thought possible. I can now provide my children with a forever home at an affordable price and build a life full of wonderful memories. It is a dream come true!


I am so very grateful to God and Habitat for Humanity for the opportunity to call myself a home owner. I relocated to Bentonville in 2012 and stressed about how I would manage to pay a high rent payment and utilities. Being a single mother with only one income, I didn’t have very many options here other than low income apartments. Then I heard about Habitat and I am so happy I did. I have been in my house for almost 4 years, where I am able to provide a stable home for my daughter plus meet all her needs without struggling. I thank you Habitat for all you do because without you and God there is no telling where I would be.